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The Pre-Career process is generally perceived as a long, taxing, and seemingly hopeless venture in this competitive job market. The job search and resume revisions seem pointless if there is not immediate employment. However, we like to view this transition period as a time to polish you and your job portfolio into the most professional and prepared version it can be! In this Pre-Career stage we aim to be your resource to realize your full potential through our job search database, document checklists, and resume guidelines.

Job Search 101 Power Point

Additional Resources: Job Toolkit for Job Seekers

How to Build a Resume (Resume Writing Guide 101): This comprehensive guide offers detailed information and examples on how to create a stellar resume. Plus, the site has a tool that builds standout resumes.

How to Write a Cover Letter: Having an attention-grabbing cover letter will get you noticed by hiring teams, and this guide will help you write one. The site also offers a cover letter builder.

Resource Guide: Finding Remote Work Opportunities: There are more companies than ever offering part- and full-time remote work opportunities. This guide offers insight on how to find them and how to be a successful work-from-home employee.

How to Finally Bring Your Side Hustle Idea to Life: Starting a side gig can be a great way to bring in some extra money (and could even lead to a full-time pursuit). This article offers tips on how to launch a side business.

Upwork: This site offers job opportunities for professionals across a vast array of industries. It’s a great resource for freelancers looking for jobs that allow them to set their own hours and rates.

How to Nail a Job Interview — Remotely: Many companies these days are conducting interviews over a live video stream. The strategies in this article will help potential employees make a great impression, even in a virtual setting.

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